Cookie clicker is an incremental game one of the most addictive games that you can play online. Have you ever thought of having an infinite amount of cookies? So, you can buy whatever you want. Off course cookies are like money in the game, so it’s pretty much limited and requires a lot of time to collect an enormous amount of cookies. Player do get tired of waiting around and getting so little in the vast amount of time similarly gamer want to do stuff in the game rather quickly cheats for PC.

This game has no end. There are a lot of ways you can cookie clicker cheats pc in this game and get yourself an impressive amount of cookies. This game based on a java-script so it is editable means you can edit your “Saved” file and get the desired amount of cookies so if you can’t wait any longer and you want to jump right into the good stuff the game has to offer you’re at the right place.

Cookie Clicker Cheats For PC

Let us begin to cheat the game, and these cheats are for the PC version.

Using the Cookie Tool Engine Best Cheat Tool Ever

Cookie tool engine is one of the easiest ways to cheat cookie clicker so far. Cookie tool engine is a free to use program which is available online. This program can easily create a custom code for Cookie Clicker. How to use this tool? Only go to Cookie Engine Webpage there you will find this tool for free.

After opening the page you will come across many options among them there will be “COOKIES” all types of cookies are listed there which also include “GOLDEN COOKIES” and below it a table of all the cookies contained in the game. The current amount of cookies will be the ones you have already, just click on one of the boxes. Set your desired amount of cookies for example if you want to begin your game with 10,000 cookies just write 10000 in the box.

There are several other options, and all the options work in the same manner they will have a box, and you have to set your conditions in them. When completion of your desired settings scroll down to the bottom. PRESS ‘Generate code’ then the program will do its magic and create a string save code for you. Copy this generated code to an empty document file.

Now open up your Cookie Clicker and click on MENU. Go down a little bit and click IMPORT SAVE a window will pop up which will have your previous saved code. Copy the code you have in the document file and paste it in the popup window. After that, CLICK on ‘LOAD’ a new game will begin, and you will have the enormous amount of cookies you entered.

Good luck and have fun playing the game with unlimited cookies cheats for PC!


Scroll down to the bottom of the cookie engine web page; there you will see two small boxes quite easy to miss. Now, all you have to do is ‘UNCHECKED’ those two checked boxes and start your new game. Voila! You will have many cookies you entered.